Viktor Angelov Biography Image

Moving between the precise expression, characteristic for classical music, and the playfulness and charisma, typical for the pop performance, the young violin player Viktor Angelov is a name that enters the European and the worldwide scene rather confidently. With 11 million views on different social networks, and a notable performance on the world-famous festival of electronic music “Electric Love” in Salzburg, Viktor has already proven that the limits of the violin, as a generally classical instrument, could be pushed away on account of creativity and inventiveness.

Starting as a classic violin player, during his career Viktor finds a way how to promote himself, combining the benefits of the live street performance and the benefits available with the social media. His streets performances that took place on the streets of different cities around Europe were recorded and shared on many social networks and websites. Together with “9gag,” where his video has reached viewership of 7 million people, about 11 million people have watched his videos globally, thus becoming a real viral sensation.

Born in Stip, Macedonia, in a musical family, Viktor learns about the basics of music from his father who is a well-known local trumpet player. Very soon he was noticed as an exceptionally talented boy and started playing violin when he was only 7 years old. Viktor continues his secondary education in Serbia, at the “School for young musical talents” in Chuprija while in 2008 comes back to Macedonia, where he continues his studies at the Music Academy – strings department, in the class of the esteemed professor Oleg Kontratenko. Back in 2011, Viktor moves to Austria and continues his education at the eminent “Mozarteum University” in Salzburg, working with the renowned professor Klara Flieder-Pantillon. Besides the formal education, Viktor Angelov has also attended many workshops for violin, held by significant names in this field including Stefan Milenkovich, Gordan Niklich, Vladimir Gluzman, Denis Goldfeld, Zakhar Bron, Ino Mirkovich and many others.

During his career Viktor had many important performances as a soloist; from 2011 he performs as a first violin in “Salzburg Philharmonic Orchestra,” having performances as a concertmaster as well. Also he is a member of European Symphony Orchestra – Berlin, Macedonian Music Entertainment Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra “Soloists of FMU” at the Faculty of Music – Skopje, periodically cooperating with other renovated orchestras across Europe and performing in prestigious concert halls like the Konzerthaus, Vienna and the Wiener Musikverein, the golden hall which is the home of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. His list of musical awards is rather wide and includes even 21 first places on national and international competitions, performing as a soloist or as a member of chamber orchestras.

Appropriate to his age and his performing temper, this relatively young artist has focused the last years on pop music, trying to experiment and incorporate his virtuosity and impressive technique in this music genre as well. Besides his street performances, that have made him a huge attraction worldwide, Viktor Angelov has also performed at the festival of electronic music “Electric Love” in Salzburg, on the same stage where have performed numerous world-famous DJ-s like David Guetta , Tiesto, Hardwell, Dimitry Veggas & Like Mike, Nervo, Armin Van Buuren , Showtek, and others.